Dear Border Collie Classic fans,


Friday 25 March at 18:00 CET, registration opens for the Border Collie Classic in Belgium from 5 to 7 August 2022.

Technically thousands can register in the first second at 18.00.  So don’t worry! We will not make a ranking for the first 24 hours after the registering is open. If the entries are way too high we first look at handlers who will help as volunteer and we give the entries to as many countries as possible.

It is important to know that Grade 1 dogs will register for the competition on Friday and all others for the weekend 6 and 7 August.  You can also book your campsite here and sign up as a volunteer. (In case of an excess of registrations, volunteers will be given priority).  In an earlier post you can see in a video how your registration is done.

When your registration is accepted, you will receive a code that you have to mention at the payment. This code starts and ends with 3 plus signs and looks like this: +++038/3102/00419+++.  Do not write any other text than this code and only pay the correct amount.  This is the only way we can accept your registration.

demo video for payment info:

Good luck!